Friday, January 13, 2012

Family Recipe Friday - Apple Sauce Cake

This is another recipe in my Granny (Nora Inman) Conley's  handwriting.  The faded word in the top right corner is good and was written by my mother, Iva.  I have no idea what the red check mark means or who put it there.  The recipe was written in pencil and is very dim.  A transcription follows:

          Apple Sauce Cake
1 cup butter or substitute
2  =   brown sugar          1 egg
2  =   apple sauce          1 heaping teaspoon soda
3  =   flour
1  =   black walnut meats
2  =   seeded raisins
1 tablespoon cloves. cinnamon. nutmeg.
1/4 teaspoon salt      allspice (if desired)

cream fat and sugar.  add egg.
then apple sauce into which soda
has been stirred
sift salt and spices into flour
add nuts and raisins.  mix all
ingredients thoroughly.  bake in
tube pan 1 1/4 hours in moderate oven.

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