Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - Nora Inman Conley

Since I've already posted information about my maternal grandmother, I decided to add a photo of her tombstone today.  Someone else added a photo of Granny's marker on her memorial page on findagrave.com; this is one I took a few years ago.  I have more than one photo I've taken over the years, but the digital one I found today is not a very good one.  Let me blame that on the digital camera I used then. The screen in the bright sunlight was almost useless and as you can see I didn't always get images centered well in the viewfinder.  Creating this blog entry has prompted me to make a note on my to do list to take another picture next time I'm there.

Many of my family members are buried in the Hanna Cemetery in Cherokee, Texas which is in San Saba County.  My brother and I have plots reserved there as do some other family members.  When I was in grade school and spent a week or two with Granny in the summers, she taught me not to step on the graves as a way to show respect. She was an example of love and respect in her actions as I watched her clear the weeds from my Grandfather's grave by chopping them away with a hoe.  How I wish I'd asked her more about him.  My Aunt Goldie told me my grandfather used to mow the cemetery for fifty cents a day. Fortunately there is a cemetery association that keeps it mowed. 

A few times in the past I have attended the Cemetery Association's annual meeting with my Aunt Goldie on the first Saturday in April.  I missed it last year, but plan to attend this year.  It's one small way I can contribute to preserving what we now have and know. 

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