Monday, September 10, 2012

Amanuensis Monday - The Will of Richard Robbins

I have transcribed this without indicating obvious errors except in two instances.  I have tried to replicate the spacing and have ended each line where it ends on the original for easier comparisons.  My plan is to follow this up with some excerpts from the probate records and discussion of the documents.

Washington County, Arkansas - Will Book A-B, Pages 28-29

Will of Richard Robbins                                                     Old A 38
  In the name of God.  Amen. 
  I, Richard Robbins being merely debilitated in body
but of a sound and disposing mind and memory do
make and publish this my last will and testimony
and wish it to be remembered by all as such.
First, I wish my body incased in a plain......
Second, I wish my persable property soled and the money
colected and all my just debts paid.  I do give to
my beloved wife Nancy Richards, and Lizebeth &
George & James and after all just debts is paid
I wish those above stated to retain the balance of
my estate & should my beloved wife Nancy marry
I want her to have a childs’ part & should schee
remain single              I want my three little children
and my daughter that is above named
in the will to take all that is left, and I do
apint my sons Enos and Aaron the executors to my
last will and testament, and I want them to at to
dividing the property equal between the above named
heirs, and I wish it to be understood by all. 
  In testimony where of I have herunto set
my hand and seal this 12th day of November
1844               Richard          X         Robbins   Seal
Witnesses: Evan Williams, Stewart Carlile. 
I Evan Williams        Signed the testators name
at his request.

State of Arkansas,
County of Washington. 
Be it remembered that on this
23d day of November AD 1844 before me J.C. Pittman
Clerk of the Circuit Court and Ex officio Clerk of the
Court of Probate within and for the County of
Washington aforesaid came Evan Williams and
Stewart Carlile in proper persons to me personally
[page 29]
known and after being by me duly sworn stated
that Richard Robins, the testator to the foregoing
will authorized Evan Williams one of the subscribing
witnesses to the same to assign his name, and that
the said testator then in in [sic] the presents [sic] of both the
subscribing witnesses made his mark with his own
hand, that at the time of making such mark
he declared to them that the said instrument was
his will and testament  that each of them signed
his name as a witness at the end of said instrument
or will at the request of the said Richard Robins
and that to the best of their knowledge and belief
the said Richard Robins at the time he made his
mark and acknowledged the said instrument to be
his will and testament. 
Evan Williams  =  Stewart Carlile  
Sworn to and subscribed before me the day and date
above written
J.C. Pittman   Clerk. 
In testimony wherof I, JC Pittman   Clerk of
said Court of probate have hereunto set my
hand and affixed the seal of said Court at office
this 23d day of November AD 1844. 
 J. C. Pittman   Clerk.

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