Sunday, September 30, 2012

Church Record Sunday - Baptismal Records

When we think of Baptismal Records, we generally think of infants being baptized as is the practice of many.   Although the Church of Christ does not practice baptizing infants, records may be found of others being baptized.  This certificate was given to my mother.  Although it doesn't reveal much information of value in genealogy research, it is an important document and time in her life.  I find it interesting that the certificate was numbered and wonder if W. D. Black or C. W. Hoover was keeping a count of the number they had baptized.

On page 60 of Cherokee Creek Country: A History, a book written by my Aunt, Goldie Conley, she lists some of the baptisms from early records.  Even such limited information as this can help pinpoint where our ancestors were at a given time and document important events in their lives.  Some of the women's maiden names are included in this listing.  I marked my paternal grandmother's name with a asterisk.

Name Baptized by: Date:
Genoa Altizer Sallee Bill Alexander July, 1890
Mrs. W. B. Hart Mr. Lane         1890
Charles A. Whitt J. D. Tant         1890
Mrs. R. L. Estep         1892
Mrs. J. M Coffman         1895
William Daugherty George Cypress         1895
May Altizer George Cypress July, 1896
Mrs. Ida Kuykendall  George Cypress         1896
Cora Barber Thaxton George Cypress         1896
Katie B. Whitt Baxter Golightly         1897
Carroll J. Bowden Mr. McCarty         1898
Mrs. Georgia Hanna W. A. Shultz         1899
Anna Ideus W. A. Shultz June 1900
J. N. Yarbrough Daniel Nelson         1900
Mrs. C. J. Bowden         1901
Mrs. Owen (Ernest)
W. A. Shultz         1902
Mrs. B. R. Daugherty  Mr. Young         1903
Ola Yarbrough J. S. Hall         1903
Margie Daugherty C. R. Nichols         1904
J. P. Sallee C. R. Nichols         1905
Mrs. J. R. Robbins* C. R. Nichols         1905
W. C. White James T. Whitt July, 1905
Mrs. A. B. Hanna Mr. Ledlow         1906
Annie Bailey Mr. Cramer         1906
Mrs. Herman Hiilsmeier          1906
Willie Carter White Mr. Nelson Aug. 1906
Lillie Hext Smith Mr. Posey         1908
Ethel Boultinghouse         1908
Lon Boultinghouse         1909
Mary Long Smith         1909
Jim Smith George Cypress         1909
Beulah Smith         1909

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