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Mystery Monday - Who Are The Parents of Robert R. Robbins?

One of my main searches and that of others researching our family over the years has been for the names of the parents of my great-great-grandfather, Robert R. Robbins aka R. R. Robbins.  MANY people have him identified as the son of Richard Robbins of Washington County, Arkansas.  Although documents show he came to Texas from Washington County, I believe documents prove R. R. Robbins was not the son of Richard Robbins and Nancy Richards.  In a previous post I transcribed the will of Richard Robbins.  Here's a brief summary:

Washington County, Arkansas - Will Book A-B, pages 28 & 29
Date: 12 Nov 1844
Place: Washington County, Arkansas
Witnesses: Evan Williams and Stewart Carlile
Note: Evan Williams signed the testator's name [Richard Robbins] at his request
Heirs: Wife -Nancy Richards, 
          His three little children:  Lizebeth, George, James
Executors: Sons, Enos and Aaron
Note: Some heirs were not listed; see Probate below.

Evidently Richard Robbins was alive on 12 Nov 1844 and died before 23 Nov 1844 when the document was recorded by the probate clerk. 

Since some of the heirs were not named in the will, it is no wonder there were objections.


Washington County, Arkansas - Probate Book A
Page 319 – April 22nd 1845
The heirs of Richard Robbins, deceased, asked the court to set aside the probate of the will for the reason that the proof of said will was insufficient
Aaron Robbins and Enos Robbins had been granted Letters Testamentary "and thereupon came Evan Williams husband of Nancy Williams one of the heirs of said deceased by her attorney and moved the court to reject the probate of the will"...and to revoke the Letters Testamentary granted. The court set aside the probate as insufficient and revoked the Letters Testamentary.
The court then appointed Aaron Robbins and Evan Williams Administrators of the estate. 
Page 346 – July 22nd 1845
J. C. Pittman was appointed Guardian of Richard Robbins, Elizabeth Robbins, George Robbins, and James Robbins
Note: This indicates they were all minors, under the age of twenty-one.
Page 370 – October 31st 1845
Nancy Robbins vs Enos Robbins et al - Petition for Dower
Summons was ordered sent to the sheriff of Madison County [Arkansas where Enos Robbins had land, so it is assumed he was living there]
Page 409 – January 29th 1846
For Dower - Nancy Robbins Vs Enos Robbins, Aaron Robbins, Evan Williams and Nancy Robbins his wife, Isaac Watkins and Polly his wife, James Jones and Rebecca his wife, James [John Jones, husband of Winnie Robbins] Jones and [Winiey] his wife, Stuart Carlile and Lavena his wife, and James C Pittman as Guardian of Richard Robbins, Elizabeth Robbins, George Robbins, and James Robbins

It seems that an error was made in listing James Jones twice - once as the husband of Rebecca and once as the husband of Winnie.  The name is difficult to read and the copy I have will not scan clearly.

Here's an attempt to provide a closer look (below) at the listing of names.

Here's a closer look at the second mention of Rebecca Jones and what appears to be Winney Jones.

Page 468 – Friday morning 9 o’clock Oct 23rd 1846
..."it is further ascertained by this court that there are eleven heirs to said estate

Conclusions and Facts based on these documents:

1.  Nancy Richards was the wife of Richard Robbins at the time of his will and death.

2.  He had eleven heirs.  His wife would not be counted as one of the eleven because she got a dower's share.

  1.  Enos
  2.  Aaron
  3. Nancy and her husband Evan Williams
  4. Polly [Mary] and her husband Isaac Watkins
  5. Rebecca and her husband James Jones
  6. Winnie and her husband [John] Jones
  7. Lavina and her husband Stuart Carlile
  8. Richard, a minor
  9. Elizabeth, a minor
  10. George, a minor
  11. James, a minor

3.  Since R. R. Robbins was born in 1818, he would have been 26 years old and not the minor, Richard, named in the will.  

For me the mystery remains... 

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