Sunday, October 14, 2012

Church Record Sunday - Ballinger, Texas Church Directory

Church directories can provide the names of church members, their addresses, phone numbers, and in more recent times, photographs.

I do not know the year this directory was printed, but it was about 1945 and my father, Richard Robbins, was the minister.  He may have printed the directory as well.

All of the telephone numbers were only 3 or 4 digits long, and many members did not have a number listed.  I have combined two entries as Mr. & Mrs. when it is obvious they are husband and wife; otherwise I have typed the names in the order they appear.


Mr. & Mrs. Roy Allaman

South Ballinger, Route 1
Mrs. Horace Atnipp

803 Phillips Ave.
H. L. Atnipp

803 Phillips Ave.
Mrs. O. B. Amarine

201 Eighth Street
Mr. Dormon Neil Amarine

201 Eighth Street


Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Boothe

Three miles South, Route 1
Mr. & Mrs. E. H. Becton

800 Ninth Street
Mrs. W. C. Bryan

704 Harris Ave.
Miss Ann Bryan

704 Harris Ave.
Miss Fadinie Baker

Ballinger, Texas


Miss Jewel CartWright

707 Fifth Street
Mr. & Mrs. L. L. Clark

700 Tenth Street
Miss Wanda Crager

Ballinger, Texas
Mrs.  Alma Curbo

217 South Broadway
Miss Elyon Curbo

217 South Broadway
Mrs. Ella Cross

1102 Strong Ave.
Mrs. C. E. Cape

Paint Rock, Texas
Mr. Clifford Cook

903 Fifth Street
Mrs. M. L. Cook

1109 Tenth Street, Route 2
Mrs. Jim Collins

1306 Seventh Street


Mrs. Alta Davison

419 Hutch Ave.
Mrs. Oran Dean

701  12th Street
Mr. E. L. Dewitt

809 Ninth Street


Dr. & Mrs. J. Dexter Eoff

700 Eighth Street
John Eoff

700 Eighth Street


Mrs. E. D. Floyd

608 Bonsall Ave.
Mr. Jack B. Fry

803 Third Street
Mrs. Ed Farley

South Ballinger, Mail: 1208 Hutch Ave.
Miss Gloria Farley

South Ballinger, Mail: 1208 Hutch Ave.
Mr. Edward Farley, Jr.

South Ballinger, Mail: 1208 Hutch Ave.
Mrs. Andrew Flint

Box 124, Route A. – Five miles South


Mrs. Elmer Greenwood

1005 Eighth Street
Mr. & Mrs. R. B. Gulley

1103 Railroad Ave.


Mrs. Lee Harris

1306 Ninth Street – Route 2
Mrs. L. L. Heywood

801  12th Street
Mrs. Herman Hulsey

416 Hutchins Ave.
Mr. & Mrs. S. H. Hickam

Route 2, Box 28
Mrs. P. P. Holton

401 Seventh Street
Miss Sally Hall

1306 Seventh Street
Mr. & Mrs. N. W. Hudson

606 Broadway
N. W. Hudson, Jr.

606 Broadway
Mrs. George Harris

905 Snap Ave.


Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Joy

Two miles South of Ballinger
Mr. & Mrs. O. K. Jacob

503 Tenth Street
Mrs. C. L. Jennings

209  13th Street


Mrs. C. B. Looney

505  12th Street
Miss Sue Looney

505 12th Street
Mrs. Vertie Lewis

704 Eighth Street


Mrs. Lee Roy McAulay

1106 Eighth Street
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Miller

300 South Broadway
Mrs. Bertes Morgan

906 Snap Ave.
Mrs. Beulah McMillian

701 Tenth Street
Miss Dorthy McMillan

701 Tenth Street
Miss Barbara Jeanne Morlan

800 Sixth Street
Mrs. J. L. Moreland

709  12th Street
Mr. S. M. Middlebrook

909  12th Street
Mrs. D. H. Macune

Two miles South
Mrs. J. W. Mayes

Broad Street, Route 2
Mrs. Robert McGarvey

701 Tenth Street
Mrs. A. J. McDaniel

508 Fifth Street
Hal McDaniel

508 Fifth Street
Mrs. Arlie Miller

704 Eighth Street
Miss Dorothy Miller

704 Eighth Street
Mrs. A. D. (Elsie) McElroy

1609  16th Street
Mrs. S. A. McElroy

1609  16th Street
Mrs. Margaret Miller

Abilene Highway, Route 2


Mrs. A. A. Neely

503 Third Street
Mr. William R. Nuckls

300 Phillips Street


Mr. & Mrs. J. Lester Ohlhausen

1100 Hutch Ave.
Mrs. C. A. Orr

1701 Eighth Street


Miss Dorothy Primrose

800 Ninth Street
Mrs. Bill Pagels

1305 Eighth Street
Mr. & Mrs. Albert L. Penuel

1204 Sixth Street
Mrs. Louise Phillips

618 Park Ave.
Miss Eunice Phillips

618 Park Ave.
Mrs. S. V. Parrish

419 Hutch Ave.


Mr. & Mrs. B. D. Roberts

Talpa, Texas
Mr. & Mrs. T. J. Riddle

1109 Tenth Street
Miss Maurine Riddle

1109 Tenth Street
Mr. & Mrs. O. H. Rezzlle

1 mile South of Ballinger
Miss Bernice Rezzlle

1 mile South of Ballinger
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Robbins

707 Bonsall Ave.
Mrs. Opal Richards

400 Fifth Street


Mr. & Mrs. Ross A. Smith

404 Tenth Street
Miss Bessie Smith

600 Ninth Street
Miss Alice Smith

209 Third Street
Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Sargeant

Route 1, South of Ballinger
Mrs. R. N. Stark

South of Ballinger
Mr. R. L. Sutphen

1007 Ninth Street
Mrs. Jewel Sutphen

1007 Ninth Street
Miss Clora Beth Sutphen

1007 Ninth Street
Bobby L. Sutphen

1007 Ninth Street
Mrs. Dee Saylors

803 Sixth Street
Miss Bettie Stuart

305 Ninth Street


Mrs. W. H. Taylor

707 Fifth Street
Mrs. Guy Taylor

1201 Fifth Street
Mrs. Frank Tatum

Abilene Highway


Mrs. Archie Wallace

900  15th Street, Route 2
Mrs. J. Alton Williams

601 Third Street
Miss Wanda Williams

601 Third Street
Gene Weldon Williams

601 Third Street
Mrs. Kate Wood

413 Hutch Ave.
Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Wilder

500 Fourth Street
Mr. & Mrs. J. H. West

Talpa, Texas

When I saw my mother was on the committee to care for the yard, I remembered at one time she had only one pants suit.  That was probably in the late 50s. It was brown cotton, tailored, and semi-casual by today's standards.  When I asked her why she never wore pants, I told me that in some place they had lived she was criticized for wearing pants in the front yard while doing yard work.  I wonder if Ballinger was that place.  At least a decade later, she had several pant suits, but I don't think she ever wore them to church.  My how times have changed! 


  1. Dear Betty, Thanks for putting this on line. My Grandfather is the Ross A. Smith shown as en elder. I can confirm the address of 404 Tenth Street in Ballinger, as the house where my father (Ross Jr.) grew up. The date of the church record is likely before October 1944, as that's when my Grandmother passed away (see ). My father went away to Abilene Christian College in 1940 and to California after that so that's probably why he doesn't remember your dad as Minister. My father will celebrate his 90th birthday next week.

    I'm looking for some information by E.W. McMillan who wrote about the history of the Church of Christ in Ballinger. If I get more information I'll let you know.

    Kind regards,

    Geoff Smith

  2. Dear Betty, I just realized my Grandfather was on the committee to care for the yard with your mother. I was only 5 when my Grandfather passed away so I don't know his views on pantsuits, but it would not surprise me if he didn't approve.

    Kind regards,

    Geoff Smith