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Fearless Females Blog Post: March 12 - Working Girls

Did your mother or grandmother work outside the home? What did she do? Describe her occupation.
Mother worked some with Daddy in Abilene, Texas at what I think was called Chronicle Printing when we moved there in 1954.  He worked as a printer with or for James Walter Nichols and Leon Ramsey who published The Christian Chronicle.  When my father and his partners, Leon Ramsey and Fred Cawyer, started Quality Printing, my mother worked there part-time while I attended kindergarten in the morning and stayed across the street with Mrs. Luna in the afternoon.  I was able to work part-time for Mr. Ramsey in a different location for four years, beginning my senior year in high school.  
After Daddy sold his share of the business to Mr. Ramsey around 1960, Mother worked at J. C. Penney doing alterations.  She, like her mother, was an incredible seamstress.  There wasn't anything she couldn't make or alter.  She made almost everything I wore (coats, dresses, pajamas) until she started working outside the home.  She didn't stay at Penney's long before going to work for Thornton's 4th & Oak which was a fairly high-end, locally owned department store.  She worked there doing ladies' alterations until 1983, the same year she died.

Another working girl in my family was my Daddy's sister, my Aunt Lou, Josiephene Elouise Robbins Harris. She was a nurse at Shannon Hospital in San Angelo and was there when I was born.  It was there her name was shortened  from Elouise to "Lou".  She later worked at Baylor Hospital in Dallas until she retired.
The photo below is of the 1939 graduating class at Shannon.  She is second from the right, a little behind the second row from the bottom and is wearing glasses.

Here is a list of the members of the class from a list entitled "ALUMNI MEMBERS" from Homecoming June, 11-12, 1965 that was in my Aunt's box of genealogy notes she left me.
Alexander, Mildred Jeanette (Jean) - Mrs. R.M. Arledge - San Angelo
Barrows, Josie - Mrs. Josie Ramsdall - San Angelo
Buman, Irene Ellen - Mrs. A. E. Newman - San Angelo
Duprer, Stella - Mrs. Sherman Lively - San Angelo
Hass, Mary Alice - Mrs. W.L. Foster, Jr. - Ft. Worth
Lapp, Margaret Annie - Mrs. Lawrence A. Ford - Ft. Worth
Little, Allie Ann - Mrs. F. B. Abbott -- Oct. 18, 1951
Patterson, Thelma Cordelia - Mrs. Roy O. Evans - Houston
Robbins, Elouise - Mrs. Elouise Harris - Dallas
Reiser, Evadean Ella - Mrs. Ralph Byrd - Searcy
Rice, Faye - Mrs. Faye McKenstry [no place of residence listed]
Tucker, Kathleen - Mrs. Ross Bartlett - Garland

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