Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fearless Females Blog Post: March 3 - Names

Many years ago I asked if I was named for my paternal great grandmother, Elizabeth "Bettie" Burke, and learned I was not.  Instead I was named after a little girl, Betty Ruth, who went to church where my Daddy preached.  I can only assume this might have been in Eden, Texas since that is where we lived when I was born, but it could have been elsewhere.  Daddy told me she was a cute little girl and they thought her name was cute as well.  I've sometimes wondered if she knew I was named after her.  If only I knew her surname, it would be interesting to try to find her. 
It seems I was called Betty Ruth for the first year or so, and then it was shortened to Betty.  I could always tell if someone had known my parents "back when" because they still called me by both names.  Many of my relatives continued to call me Betty Ruth as well.

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