Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sympathy Saturday - Lou Nora Robbins

Many cards, letters, and telegrams expressing sympathy were saved in a packet in Mother's cedar chest.  The one that always touched me the most is the one below from Lou Nora's third grade class in Eden, Texas.  It was on a piece of white card stock folded like a card with the butterfly and iris cut out and glued on.
The front and inside have been cropped to display here.

I found information about Ralph E. "Peppy" Blount on Wikipedia, and obituaries for him on the Longview News-Journal website, and the Big Spring High School Alumni website.  I doubt he knew my parents, but it was nice that this letter of sympathy was sent.

I do not know who these friend were, but included them because telegrams are not that common these days.

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