Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday's Child - Lou Nora Robbins

When I decided to do a series of entries this month about Lou Nora, I knew this would probably be the most difficult for me to write.  On this day, April 25, 1949, Lou Nora suddenly collapsed and died.  As I've mentioned, her death was rarely discussed because it was so painful for the family and my brother still has difficulty with the memories of it.  Some of this is too personal to put in print here, but will be added to notes in my Legacy Family Tree genealogy program.  I will record what I remember that I have pieced together from what was told to me by various family members including my mother, daddy, brother, two aunts, and a cousin.

Lou Nora had been ill and had been to a doctor.  The doctor stated he had been treating her since March, but no indication of contributing causes to her death were listed.  I don't know what her symptoms were or how long she was out of school, but remember Mother stating when Lou Nora went back to school she was to sit out of "tumbling" (gymnastics).  One account I heard said my brother and a friend and Lou Nora and a friend were outside playing.  Lou Nora ran in the house and collapsed.  Mother and Daddy were down the street and never forgave themselves for not being there.

Whether it was imagined or based on something I was told, I have pictured them outside playing - the boys maybe chasing the girls, and the girls running inside the house.  Two fragments that I remember, but am not sure of their accuracy are the girls latching the screen door and Lou Nora collapsing on the sofa.  I've often tried to imagine what it must have been like for the friends and our brother.  I don't know if my brother went with them when she was rushed to the doctor or who contacted my parents are any of those details, but can imagine the trauma of all involved.

The time of death on the death certificate is 5:15 PM at her residence for the past 2 years.  The cause of death  is listed as "spontaneous pneumothorax" which I learned is collapsed lungs that occurs without any apparent cause.  Mother commented once that had it been a few years later, there might have been doctors who were better equipped to diagnose her illness and it could have been prevented.

I know a little about the grief my family suffered with her passing, but can only imagine the pain of losing a child or a sister. 

A ribbon with gold letters saying "Our Darling" was draped across her casket.  The ribbon was saved with other mementos in Mother's cedar chest with only the word Darling remaining.  She is buried in our family plot in the Cherokee Hanna Cemetery in Cherokee, Texas.

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