Thursday, April 12, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - Things in Mother's Cedar Chest

As I mentioned previously, I have my mother's cedar chest.  Occasionally she allowed me to look in it and go through things.  Since I'm focusing on my sister's life this month, I want to tell about a few of her things that are in the cedar chest.
This is a picture of Lou Nora wearing a crocheted cap, top, and mittens.  They are an off-white.  That may be partly because of age, but I remember they were a cream color, not white.  They are loosely crocheted and very soft.  The top has three pale blue buttons on each shoulder and blue flowers with green leaves and stems are embroidered on the front.  The cap has a blue satin ribbon running through it to tie it on.  If I was told who crocheted the pieces, I don't remember, but there are no tags on any of the pieces and I would guess Mother made them.  What I do remember is admiring the top and being allowed to wear it once.  I may have tried on the cap and mittens, but I didn't want to wear them.

 Although I don't remember it from my childhood, this purse is also in the cedar chest.  It seems rather unique to me.  It is a light blue plastic with a shoulder strap.  The front has a red ruler with a pencil sharpener on the end, a red pencil, and a red address book.  The ruler seemed stuck to the plastic, so I didn't try to pull it loose to take a closer look.  I'm surprised I don't remember it and or wanting to use it.

The address book has a 1948 calendar on the inside front cover and a 1949 calendar on the inside back cover.  The names she wrote in are Sue Carol W. and Gail P. who lived in Eden, Texas.  Her red wallet was in the cedar chest, but not in the purse.  There were pictures in it that I'll scan for another blog entry this month.  One picture is of Sue but I did not find one with the name Gail on the back of it.


Inside the purse I found two hankies and a small, yellow plastic coin holder for dimes.  There is one very tarnished 1948 dime in it.  By pressing in the right place, the dime can be removed.  Since many of the things I've found are blue, I wonder if that was her favorite color.
Other than the crocheted top, the thing I remember vividly is the string with plastic charms on it.  I think I was told they were from a gum ball machine.  I loved looking at the charms and counting them.  The locomotive, bugle, and skull seem to be metal.  There are animals, patriotic symbols, teapots, and assorted shapes.  After taking this picture I picked it up to look at it once more and the string broke, so I've placed it inside the purse before returning it to the cedar chest.


  1. I've really enjoyed reading about your sister. It is fun to see the treasures of her childhood. These must have been her very favorite things for your mom to have kept them all those years.

  2. Betty, don't you love finding things like these, especially when you know they belong to family members?!

    The charms on the string look very much like the toys that came in Cracker Jack boxes in the 1960s (and maybe before). (I don't have any experience with toys in gumball machines: I never bought them.)