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Wedding Wednesday - Iva Conley and Richard Robbins

My parents were married on April 19, 1930.  I've known their marriage license was obtained in Kerrville, Texas, that Daddy was working there at the time, and that's the first place they lived when they married.  I have found four articles relating to my parents' marriage using my subscription to World Vital Records.

The newspaper clipping on the left was found on page 3 of the April 17, 1930 issue of the Kerrville Daily Times. The notice about the marriage license was in the Kerrville Mountain Sun newspaper on page 6 of the April 24, 1930 issue.
Wedding announcements were published in the April 24 editions of two Kerrville papers.  The one on the left was on page 2 of the Kerrville Mountain Sun .  From it I learned the marriage ceremony was performed by Hugh B. Warner, pastor of the First Christian Church, in his home on Lytle Street and that Daddy was employed by Charles Schreiner Company at the time.

The second article was on page 1 of the Kerrville Times.  From it I learned the wedding was at 8 PM.  It states, "After the wedding they motored to the home of their parents for a short visit at Cherokee..." and adds, "Our best wishes go with this fine young couple for a long, happy and useful life."  They had been married over 53 years at the time of Mother's death.  They shared much happiness and much sorrow over the years.  Their lives as preacher and preacher's wife were ones of service and love for God, family, and others.

While going through Mother's cedar chest looking for the items I wanted to write about in this blog, I found these articles about their wedding folded up about an inch wide and tucked in a box of things.  I've not yet tried using to determine in what newspapers they were printed.  Since this first one must be from a Kerrville paper since it states, "They are establishing a home here."

These next two clippings were probably from San Saba and Llano newspapers.  This one states they "were married in Llano Saturday night."  It adds that "Mr. Robbins...attended a business school in Fort Worth [What? I don't remember hearing that!] and now holds a responsible position in Kerrville.  The bride is the beautiful daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Conley, is a graduate of the high school and attended school in Abilene and has been bookkeeper for a large granite company in Llano."  I knew Mother went to Draughon's Business College and that she worked in the office of a granite company in Llano, but didn't remember for certain the school was in Abilene or that she was a bookkeeper.

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This article states, "Richard Robbins and Miss Iva Conley were quietly married in Llano Saturday night. Mr. Robbins is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Robbins of this place. He graduated from the high school here an dtook [sic] a business course in Fort Worth and for the present holds a good position in Kerrville.
Mrs. Robbins is the accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Conley.  Mrs. Robbins also graduated from our high school and completed a business course in Abilene and for the past year has held a position in the granite works as bookkeeper in Llano. They left immediately for Kerrville where they had apartments awaiting them."

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