Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - Lou Nora's Billfold

One of the things I found in Mother's cedar chest was Lou Nora's billfold.  There are only two sleeves for pictures, but several pictures are tucked in them. 
The pictures are of our first cousin, Duane Franklin Conley, and his father, Wilber Franklin Conley.  The picture of our Uncle Wilber seems to have been taken while he was overseas during World War II.

The girl's photo isn't labeled, but the boy's photo from Eden in the 1948- '49 school year has "Bob Spiser" printed on the back.  Since his is the only complete name I have, I decided to "Google" it to see if anything came up, and something did!  There is a website listing the 1956-1957 Track and Field State Champions.  There was Robert Spiser, from Eden, who won the boys' high jump with 6' 1.5" that year.  I can't help but wonder what, if anything, her friends remember about her after sixty plus years.
The name "Sue" is all that is printed in pencil on the back of this friend's picture.  
It is visible in the last plastic sleeve.
One of the pictures tucked in a plastic sleeve between the other pictures is of a group.  Nothing was written on the back to indicate anyone's names or the occasion.  Our brother, Curtis, is behind the back row, by himself, and taller than the other boys.  Lou Nora is second from the left on the back row.

This picture has our brother on the left and Lou Nora on the right.  The girl between them and the boy who is seated are unidentified.  The school picture on the right is labeled "Ruth" on the back.

 There are also some pictures tucked in where the money would go, but I don't know if she placed them there or not.

 The pictures above are of Zona and Peggy Nell.

 These are pictures of Curtis in the snow, but it does not have anything written on the back.  If you look closely, there's a little dog at his feet.  The photo on the right is a friend named Mary.
She had this picture of Curtis holding the balloons and one like it with her holding the balloons that was included in an earlier blog entry about her birthdays.  There were school photos of her at J. R. Looney in the 1946- '47 school year and one from Eden in the 1948 - '49 school year that will be posted in later blog entries.

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